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Fire Watch

Serving the Tucson community since 1989.

Fire Watch


Fire Watch

You will not always know when you are going to need Fire Watch Services. However, when you do, you need a service that is always responsive, prompt, fully insured, thoroughly trained, affordable, and completely reliable. You might need fire watch services for ongoing security at a construction site or office building, or you might have an emergency failure of a legally required fire safety system such as alarms, sprinklers, or pumps.

No job is too large–or too small. From large-scale sports venues and concert halls to shopping centers, hotels and motels, office buildings of any size, hospitals, high rises, construction sites, and even entire neighborhoods, you name it–we have a solution for you.

we can book on short notice!

We have a very large staff available to serve your needs in almost every event services department.

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