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Church and Worship

Serving the Tucson community since 1989.

Church and Worship


Church and Worship

Religious establishments have long been a target for robbery, vandalism and other threats. Unfortunately, many of the crimes that befall churches, synagogues and mosques are violent in nature and damaging to the community. It is for this reason that places of worship require highly experienced religious security guards that balance protective services with sensitivity to the sanctified nature of the environment.

Wild West Security Guards will serve your church, synagogue or mosque in uniform or civilian clothing, with or without arms. We offer foot patrolling as well as vehicle or bike patrolling in addition to other security services to ensure that your establishment is safeguarded inside and out. Parking lot patrolling is also a valuable security service, as it lets potentially threatening individuals know that there are trained professionals in place to defend against theft or violent attacks. Our security officers are familiar with the threats that jeopardize safety within individual religious communities and are highly trained to identify and resolve such threats before they impact your community.

Because your faith deserves the utmost protection, our church security and other religious security officers are available for customized program that will ensure that your community can worship safely and with peace of mind.

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