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Premium Security Services

Serving the Tucson community since 1989. Recently our reputation has helped us expand services outside of Arizona, serving many in the southwest.


We Offer

Get peace of mind for your next event P.520-977-6334


Our Services Include

Transportation of sensitive, valuable or precious cargo/personnel

Armed and Unarmed Security

Plain Clothes Officers

License #1600769

The best of the best

Wild West Security staffs the most professional, highly experienced, dedicated and diverse officers available in Arizona for your security needs.

We are able to supply security for any need, large or small. Our staff is ready and able to meet all of your armed and unarmed needs.

Trained to Serve

Our officers are thoroughly screened, highly trained, and held to the highest standards. As part of our hiring process, applicants are required to undergo psychological, aptitude and drug screening tests. Background checks are performed, including prior employment, and reviewed alongside state and federal fingerprint searches, social security and driving record checks.

WWS is proud to employ officers who have backgrounds in the military, in law enforcement, and as first responders. All of our operational personnel have undergone not only the state required training, but are also required to undergo additional education in the legality of the field, De-escalation techniques extensive firearm and defensive training.

Additionally, our supervisors are Tactical Emergency Critical Care, Basic Life Support and Active Shooter training to offer first response in the event of a catastrophic event.

Experience you can trust

With over 20 years of service, Wild West Security has grown our team slowly and from within. Our management team all have several years of experience in security, protection, military or law enforcement. Our time in the industry allows us to combine knowledge, experience and proper planning to ensure every task is approached in the most effective manner.

Wild West Promos – Armed Guards

Armed guards

Guards are in uniform (polo and tactical pants). They carry side arm – handgun, utility belt, knife, handcuffs (if certified), baton (if certified), extra AMMO, flashlight and notepad.

Wild West Promos – Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards

Guards are in uniform (polo and tactical pants). They are unarmed but carry a flashlight, phone and notepad.

Wild West Promos – Vested Guards

Vested guards

Vested guards are usually armed guards that wear bullet proof vests when transporting valuable cargo / assets / VIPs.

Wild West Promos – Plain Clothes Guards

Plain Clothes

Also known as “under cover” guards, plain clothes guards can dress in any attire depending on the job. Guards will wear ID’s around neck and can carry concealed weapons if armed.